Wednesday, 10 August 2022


Danny has finally put a laundry line up so now we can dry laundry Orkney style!  We put this stuff on the line about an hour ago and it is nearly already dry and ready to take down!  Woo hoo!

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Sanday Agricultural Show

Friday was the annual Sanday Agricultural Show -- not quite as big as the Royal Welsh, but as this is the first show I've been to since before pandemic, I'm not complaining!  Also, I've had longer walks from the car at the Royal Welsh to the show than we had from our house -- this is the view of the show field from our driveway:

In accordance with the rule that if there is something on the menu I've never eaten before I must order it, I tried the Scottish speciality of macaroni cheese chips...  I like macaroni cheese and I like chips, but this is possibly the stodgiest thing I have eaten in my life!

Random things I took pictures of at the show in no particular order:

And for a little Cookie update:  She doesn't seem to have worked out how reading the weather forecast works!  She looked at it and then went out in the rain and came back looking like a little drowned rat!  But she did catch her first vole the other night!  (Vole not pictured...)

Thursday, 4 August 2022

First egg from first chicks!

One of the hens from our first lot of chicks, who were born on Mothering Sunday, has laid her first egg!  Egg on right is hers, egg on left is from white hen (her birth mother) for size comparison.  They will get bigger once she gets used to it...  :)

Not sure which of the three black hens it was as I was out when it happened, but here's a random one of the three...  Presumably now that one has started the other two won't be far behind...  So much bigger now than when she was born -- a mere 129 days ago!  :)

Thursday, 30 June 2022

I live here now! :)

Got a letter in the post this morning with no house name on it but still delivered to me -- does this mean I'm a local now?  :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

The Whole Menagerie!

We seem to have acquired quite a few animals in the span of less than a week so here is a photo gallery of everybody who lives at Sparrowhall now:

The four black chickens here are from the original set of chicks that hatched on 28th March so 13 weeks old now.  The white one is a cockerel that we got on Saturday (his arrival was slightly overshadowed by Cookie) -- he's about 12 weeks old and the plan is for him to be the cockerel once we take the head off ours.

The black one here is the fifth from the lot above, the white hen on the right is the birth mummy of all the chicks, the little bantam is the one who sat on and raised the first lot of chicks, and the cockerel is mean and nasty and we are eating him just as soon as we can...

Cookie obviously needs no introduction...  :)

In the centre of this picture is the VERY shy duck and her 11 ducklings...

This is Freya, looking bored and fed up with the world...

And this is the other bantam hen with her chicks (there are five even though you can only see four here) which were born on 30th May so 4 weeks old now.


And then there's me and Danny, so that's 35 animals and 2 people.  Sounds like a reasonable ratio to me...

Saturday, 25 June 2022


She's here!  SO ADORABLE!!!!!

In other news, there's rhubarb, the gift that keeps giving...  :)

And the tomato tunnel as I've now renamed it...  :)