Thursday, 27 October 2005

Chicken Feed

So I was talking to Rachel on the phone the other night and she said that I should post things here more regularly and I said that I try to do something every day but some days there just isn't anything worth posting. For example, that day the main highlight of my day was that I had gone to the local agricultural merchant to buy some growers' pellets for the chicks and I didn't think that was noteworthy enough to write about here. Rachel however disagreed on the grounds that it is sufficiently different from most people's shopping expeditions. So I now bring you a primer on chicken feed (with some VERY exciting photos...)

These are layers pellets. This is what you feed to laying hens (and I suppose the cockerel eats them as well.) They are supposed to help the hens to lay more.

These are chick crumbs. This is what you feed to baby chicks, and the broody hen eats them as well.

And these are the growers pellets I bought on Monday -- they look exactly like the layers pellets except they come in a bag marked "growers pellets". They are for the chicks from about six weeks onwards. If they turn out to be cockerels, they will eat these until we eat them. If they are pullets (baby hens), they will eat growers pellets until about 18 weeks and then they will begin to eat layers pellets in preparation for laying.

Any questions?

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