Thursday, 17 August 2006

Ty Ieir Newydd

Nearly finished with the new chicken coop -- just need to finish affixing the roof -- which will involve me going to town tomorrow morning and buying some more drill bits as I have already broken and/or blunted all the ones I currently own...

I got to use this scary grinder to cut the corrugated sheeting -- sparks were flying everywhere! But it was so easy -- like cutting through softened butter!

Tri Cyw!!!

Look -- it's official -- proof that we really do have three chicks! Aren't they adorable?!

Wednesday, 16 August 2006


We are having chicks again! There are definitely three living chicks thus far, perhaps there will be more tomorrow morning? I have tried to photograph them, but Mommy hen is being VERY protective and not really letting me near the chickies!!!

This is quite exciting as even if we only have the three, it will be the most we've had from a single hatching thus far...

So, now that we have more chicks, where are they all going to live??? Well, the last chick we had (who is now 4 weeks old!) is getting rather biggish... we are going to set up an area with electric netting and let her and her Mommy out -- which means I need to build them somewhere new to sleep! This is what I've got so far:

It started life as a planter that Greg made last spring -- nearly identical to this one:

Now it just needs a roof! Perhaps I should go into business... :)

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Dw i wedi bod yn y gegin trwy'r dydd...

I began to tackle the courgette mountain with this (hopefully) lovely courgette and tomato chutney...

It tastes good now, so I reckon it should be good this winter, but am slightly nervous as it took about twice as long to cook as the recipe said it would and also I have never done the jar sterilising thing before...

Monday, 14 August 2006

Enilles i!

I have been winning lots of things recently! At United Counties Show, I won third place for my plaited bread, and second place for my penmanship. At Llangadog Show, I won second place for my brown bread.

But most importantly of all, I won a prize at the Eisteddfod last week! There was a competition for learners (dysgwr) to write a postcard from their holiday (in Welsh of course) -- and I wrote a postcard to the chickens!

Annwyl ieir,

Dw i yn Efrog Newydd nawr, a does dim ieir yma. Dw i'n gallu cysgu yn hwyr yma, achos does dim rhaid i mi godi i'’ch bwydo chi!

Mae'’r tywydd yn hyfryd, mae'r gwesty yn braf, a dw i'n bwyta bwyd da. Mae Central Park yn fawr iawn a– mae llawer o laswellt i fwyta!

Dw i'’n dod adre Dydd Mawrth a gobethio gwela i lawer o wyau pan dw i'’n cyrraedd yna!

Hwyl am tro,


This is me receiving my certificate and cheque from the Archdruid, Selwyn Iolen:

And this is the first cheque I have ever received in Welsh! :)

In other news, I found a really odd looking caterpillar -- it turns out it belongs to the elephant hawk-moth.

We also saw lots of lovely animals at Llangadog Show:

I finally started putting eggs in waterglass -- will keep you posted when I start eating them!

The garden is chucking out lots of veg:

And we continue to dig odd things up out of the ground!

Hwyl am tro -- mae rhaid i fi bostio mwy yn Gymraeg!