Monday, 14 August 2006

Enilles i!

I have been winning lots of things recently! At United Counties Show, I won third place for my plaited bread, and second place for my penmanship. At Llangadog Show, I won second place for my brown bread.

But most importantly of all, I won a prize at the Eisteddfod last week! There was a competition for learners (dysgwr) to write a postcard from their holiday (in Welsh of course) -- and I wrote a postcard to the chickens!

Annwyl ieir,

Dw i yn Efrog Newydd nawr, a does dim ieir yma. Dw i'n gallu cysgu yn hwyr yma, achos does dim rhaid i mi godi i'’ch bwydo chi!

Mae'’r tywydd yn hyfryd, mae'r gwesty yn braf, a dw i'n bwyta bwyd da. Mae Central Park yn fawr iawn a– mae llawer o laswellt i fwyta!

Dw i'’n dod adre Dydd Mawrth a gobethio gwela i lawer o wyau pan dw i'’n cyrraedd yna!

Hwyl am tro,


This is me receiving my certificate and cheque from the Archdruid, Selwyn Iolen:

And this is the first cheque I have ever received in Welsh! :)

In other news, I found a really odd looking caterpillar -- it turns out it belongs to the elephant hawk-moth.

We also saw lots of lovely animals at Llangadog Show:

I finally started putting eggs in waterglass -- will keep you posted when I start eating them!

The garden is chucking out lots of veg:

And we continue to dig odd things up out of the ground!

Hwyl am tro -- mae rhaid i fi bostio mwy yn Gymraeg!


Rachel said...

Yay Jess! I am just so very proud...

cyndy said...

Congrats on all of your achievements! I am looking forward to hearing about those eggs, as I have often read about this, but never talked with anyone who actually did it!

muser said...

Yay! Congratulations on all those awards. *do* keep me posted on the eggs. I had a surplus today so made souffles.. Actually, they were more like soufflops! But tasty, nonetheless.