Thursday, 27 July 2006

Y Sioe Fawr

Well, Monday we went to the Royal Welsh -- it's too late this year (finished today), but if you've never been before, make a point of going next year -- it is incredible! What follows forthwith then is lots of photos -- I have already edited, and can't edit any further! In no particular order, here is some of what we saw on Monday:

Now there is a bit of a story behind this one: Several years ago now, Greg's uncle Roger was on holiday and sent us a postcard from this place called the Agrodome in New Zealand. For ages we thought it was a photo of some stuffed sheep -- and then somebody told us that they are real and they parade up on stage! So the odds of us going to NZ are pretty slim, but lo and behold we have the Welsh Sheeptacular!

Now you will note in this close up here how much smaller the Balwen is compared to the rest of the sheep!!!

Lots of bizarre looking birds in the Fur & Feathers pavilion:

Lots of adorable sheep:

And two of particular note:

This is Lyn's ram that won third place for best ram, two years or older. Lyn also won sixth place for best ram lamb and third place for best ewe lamb. He is the farmer that we bought our sheep from!

This is Bridget's father's Texel -- they won LOTS of prizes and Bridget did tell me what they all were but I've forgotten and I can't remember her father's surname so I can't look them up -- but he's a very handsome looking ram anyways!

Various random signs that amused me:

Best egg competition:

Adorable goats:

Adorable cows:

Look -- all the way from America!

For all your lawncare needs:

What my garden aspires to -- NOT!

Otter cuteness:

These are 12-day old Tamworth x Wild Boar piglets -- I want one!!! (Or several...)

Was much more impressed with the shearing competitions this year now that I actually know what they are doing...

Check out these horns!

This is Teifi who owns the piggery we didn't buy (which is still on the market if you're interested.) He won first place for best boar born in 2005, second place for best boar born in 2006 (pictured here), third place for best sow born before 2005, third place for best gilt born in 2004, first place for best gilt born in 2005 and second place for best group comprising boar, sow, and gilt.

Always one of my favourite categories -- an animal made out of vegetables!

And last but not least, what every garden needs, a mini-digger water feature!

AND, if you're wondering what's going on here at the farm: The first runner beans!


acechick said...

you MUST get one of those goats with the gorgeous blonde curls!

cyndy said...

Wow! Loved all the pictures! Great post! Would love to see what got edited out! Looks like it was a good time....

Aunt Lynn said...

All the goats and other fine creatures are just wonderful

Rhys Wynne said...

Mae lle tebyg i'r Agridome yn gogledd Cymru ger Cerrigydrudion/Llangwm.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Ble mae'r Agridome? Sa i'n gallu ffindio fe...