Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Pedwaredd mis Gorffennaf Hapus!

I now understand why farmers tie their hurdles together with baling twine despite the fact that they latch together... The large ram lamb developed a limp yesterday morning, so I went up to try to catch him to have a look at his feet. Mind, tomorrow will be three weeks now that we've had these sheep and we still haven't got close enough to touch them! I got the ram lamb and two ewes in the pen and closed the end of the hurdles and they carried on eating their treat happily -- until I stepped into the pen. Wow... Will try it again this afternoon after I've tied the hurdles to each other a bit more securely...

Things are, as ever, growing like mad, particularly the weeds of course!

Janet thinks this is a Dog Rose (rosa canina) -- can anybody confirm or deny this? It has next to no smell but a lovely colour!

For our fourth anniversary the other week (fruit and flowers), Greg gave me these two coffee plants! Fingers crossed, several years from now I might be able to drink a cup of coffee I grew!!! :)

Also a couple of weeks ago, we had a lovely time at Cwmdu fete. If anybody is feeling like they have too much money and don't know what to do with it, feel free to buy me this car! :)

Highlight of the afternoon was Meirion Owen and his Quack Pack -- I have got a video of this as well which I might upload later if I have time.

I didn't win the longest nettle competition, but I tried!

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