Thursday, 15 June 2006

Mae defaid gyda ni!!!

I know they have been a long time coming and you are probably all sick to death of me saying we are getting sheep soon -- they are here!

We bought these Balwen last night and they are now happily munching about in the top field getting used to their new home. There are four ewes and their lambs (two ewe lambs and two ram lambs). If you've had enough of the endless chicken photos, now there will be a bit more variety! :)

In other news, things have been growing like mad here -- the first picture here is the tomatoes a week ago and the second picture is from yesterday. We went away last weekend and were amazed when we got back how big everything was!

The beans have also been growing like wild:

One of our new apple trees has little baby apples!

Courgettes in their new home:

My friend Angela gave me this chili plant which has been re-potted and is thriving:

Lots of basil hopefully:

Ate my first home-grown rocket of the season yesterday:

Strawberry plants putting out lots of runners:

My friend Paul is helping me learn how to make wine -- the two bottles in the front are rhubarb wine that we've made from rhubarb from Greg's parents' garden.


This last is rather old news but it's been ages since I posted here, so... The birds that were nesting in the clematis have finally flown off, and unfortunately Shiva got one (cath drwg!) but I think the rest are off safely now. These photos were taken in the last few days before that... My, what a big mouth you have! :)

More photos of sheep coming soon!!!


acechick said...

YAYYY! Have you named them yet? More photos!

Ok, must book with you the next visit.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

They are not going to have names -- after having to kill Polly the chicken we have decided that it is easier to kill animals that you haven't named, so it's only the fruit trees that have names now... :)

At the moment, they run away from me every time I go up to the top field -- so I am going into town in a bit for class and I will pick up some sheep treats so hopefull I can get them to realise I am their friend or something and then will take some better (closer) photos...

Anonymous said...


I'm hoping that means "Cheers!" or somesuch...

The pics of yr wine-making are great! What is that, 20 gallons? U sure don't fool around! It so makes me want to make mead again. Maybe something you shld look into? I highly recommend it - and it doesn't ruin as easily as wine...

-rich from nyc

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Blodau means flowers! Welsh equivalent of "cheers" is "iechyd da".

The demijohns in the photo I think are one litre each -- so I am making something more like 2 1/3 gallons of wine! :) I would like to make mead someday -- but I think I will wait until we have our own bees as honey is very expensive...