Friday, 6 October 2006


O'r Lloffwr:


acechick said...

c'mon Jess! I need to know what it says!

Rachel said...

Yeah, seriously. You need to explain stuff like that.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Okay, my translation isn't perfect, but it goes something like this:

The National Eisteddfod

It is a pleasure to congratulate Jessica Gregory, Bwlchyrhyd, for winning one of the competitions for learners in the Swansea and district National Eisteddfod. 71 had put attempts in this competition, namely to write a post card from an imaginary holiday and Jessica's post card drew the attention of judge Lois Arnold (winner of the Learner of the Year competition some three years ago.)

The judge praised the eight best ones and she put them in the first class for the excellent level of their work, but for entertaining and original work that continues to bring a smile to the face after several readings, Jessica's post card came to the top.

She wrote under the pen name "Blodwyn" a post card from New York to her chickens. Her language was easy and correct and clearly expressed and because of the humour and originality in her work "Blodwyn" was judged the victor in this excellent competition. Congratulations Jessica.

(Or something like that...)

muser said...

o00o Excellent. Congratulations! :)