Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Thanks to everybody who keeps asking about Big Boy -- he is doing much better. I tried to take some pictures of him this morning, but he looks better than the pictures made him look, so I am not going to post them, and I will try to take pictures again tomorrow.

The shed is coming along nicely -- we have finished the foundations and now need to start building the frame. Shiva has inspected the work and she approves... :)

The new cockerel has settled in nicely and is having lots of fun with his harem:

As I've already posted a picture of Shiva, I should post one of K as well so she doesn't feel left out -- why does she insist on drinking from the weirdest places???

This lovely flower is growing out of the wall near the gate -- can anybody identify it for me?

UPDATE: Tony thinks it's a periwinkle, and I agree that the flower looks like one, but the foliage on mine is much more variegated than that in all the pictures of periwinkles I can find on the internet. Any thoughts anybody?

Do they have any way of communicating with each other???


acechick said...

Has new boy a name?

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

No, I'm afraid not. Ever since we killed Polly some time ago, there has been a policy of not naming animals. The only animals that currently have names are Big Boy and New Girl (our first self-bred hen), and that is only because they came into existence before we killed Polly. So if we need to refer to the new cockerel, we just say "the new cockerel" or "the cockerel"... Sorry, I know it's a bit impersonal, but it's really hard to eat animals that have names...