Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Newyddion Hwyad Cyffrous

The most exciting news of the day is -- I came back from town to find that little Del has laid her first egg! Da iawn Del! I am so proud of her...

In other news, I had an exciting parcel in the post this morning. Cyndy from Riverrim sent me some wool to learn to spin with and also some lovely stitch markers that she made -- I almost wish it would rain now so I could start playing with it!

Flowers are blooming everywhere -- we have a rainbow of primroses:

We have started harvesting the rhubarb -- it is delicious!

The rosemary is flowering:

The gooseberry is about to:

As is the magnolia:

The clematis:

The blackcurrant:

The blackthorn -- which I hate when I have to touch because it is so horrible, but I love it in the spring when it has lovely flowers:

The blueberry is also starting to flower, so hopefully we will have a slightly bigger crop this year than we did last year:

And some broad beans which I thought I planted far too late have also come up -- whether they will produce beans is another question, but we will see...

Greg had a four-day weekend over the Easter Bank Holiday so we took advantage of the lovely weather to work on the shed. We built the middle partition wall:

The gable ends:

And the A-frames for the roof:

The little ram lamb is growing rapidly and becoming more adventurous daily. (He's the one in the back, behind last year's ewe lamb.) Still no new lambs yet, but watch this space...


Mim said...

Thanks for showing me around the farm, lovely sheep, lovely rhubarb, oooh envy the wool, fab stitch markers, and I enjoyed the video of the little sheep.

willow said...

Lovely spring post, theres so much happening at this time of year.
Enjoy learning to spin, its a very addictive hobby.

cyndy said...

Wow! Everything looks great around here! Esp. like the black currants and your shed! Oh, and the ram and the ewe too!

Glad the parcel made it...enjoy!