Sunday, 20 April 2008

Wŷ Ffesant

From time to time, we have reason to suspect that somebody is not laying in the nest box like they should, and we do a search of the hedges and usually turn up some eggs. Yesterday, Greg did this -- and he found five hen eggs -- and this adorable little pheasant egg! Apparently they are quite trendy. I ate mine poached and it was lovely and creamy!

Things are coming along well in the greenhouse...

And we have finished building the doors for the shed and I am now treating them with preservative prior to staining and waterproofing.


elizabethm said...

We have been lucky so far in that our hens lay in the nestbox and when they are out, which is most of the time, take the trouble to go back and lay there before launching themselves onto the world again. Never had a pheasant's egg though.

Malc said...

The hens have been queueing up to lay in the same part of the box, giving us on average five or six eggs a day. Today we had only two - I'm going hunting tomorrow. I had my first goose egg the other day. It was big.

Very neat seedlings, I'm most impressed.