Tuesday, 20 January 2009

January lambs

We now have the ewes in the shed and they have all been vaccinated and wormed pre-lambing. This was in fact two weeks ago. We had our first live lambs born on Sunday 18th. We had a couple of ewes lamb with premature lambs the lungs are not developed so they don't take a gasp of air , which is really frustrating because your trying your hardest to get the lambs to live and they just don't. So when they come and alive you just sigh with relief that is a wonderful feeling.


cyndy said...

I imagine it is very difficult when you loose a lamb...but as you say, relief and joy when all is well.

What breed of sheep are you raising, Bridget?

Bridget at Banc Olive said...

The ewes that are lambing now are Suffolk x Texel ewes, these are ones we bred when we first arrived at Banc Olive. They are a big type of ewe ideal for crossing with most other breed types (rams) The ewes produce an excellent lamb for the table, the ram that was put to these ewes is a home bred Texel ram his name is Mungo. This is Mungo's 2nd crop of lambs. In February the Texel ewes start lambing, the first one is due on the 11th. I'll post more photo's later.