Monday, 25 July 2011

Dw i wedi dod yn ol...

After much deliberation, I've decided to start blogging again...  Several reasons:  1.  A neighbour said to me last week that I was the greenest person he know -- I don't particularly think my life is that extraordinary, but if he does, maybe it is?  2.  By complete chance, I met a couple of people last weekend who I'd never met in real life before but who had been regular readers of my blog and found it very useful -- so perhaps I do have something to say?  3.  One comment/criticism I used to receive a lot was that it was great that I was doing all this, but not everybody has four acres, etc.  Well, now I live in a very small house on the edge of a small village with a very small garden, so perhaps more people will be able to find that there could be a similarity between my life and theirs now?

In any case, as always, I'm going to start with food.  The above photo is a lovely bowl of chicken soup I made with a chicken kindly given to me in exchange for helping my friend Gerry learn how to slaughter his own chickens yesterday.  The carrots and greens are from my veg box delivery (I have no garden this year as it's presently a building site!).  So that's a whole bowl of soup that's never seen the inside of a supermarket, and it was delicious!

More to come -- watch this space -- I'm not really sure how long it will take people to discover that the blog is live again...  But your thoughts and suggestions for future posts are always welcome.


Noah said...

Welcome back!

cyndy said...

Good to see you posting again...always interesting to see what is happening on your side of the pond ;-)