Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Sorry, have been away for the last two months working on a Welsh-language panto doing wardrobe so no time to post but will try to do so more regularly now that I'm back...  Trying to live sustainably while travelling was an interesting challenge.  One area in which I definitely found success was the lunchtime sandwich -- somebody (I forget who) wrote that if you wanted a sandwich on Friday, you wouldn't make it on Tuesday and then stick it in the fridge to wait -- yet this is precisely what ready-prepared sandwiches for sale in supermarkets and petrol stations are!  I only had to resort to them a couple of times on tour; the rest of the time I was able to find local bakeries or cafes that would make me sandwiches to order -- and not only were they fresher and tastier, they were often cheaper as well!

Back home now and back to cooking -- check out these lovely variegated beetroots from my veg box -- on their way now to becoming a yummy pot of borscht!

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