Thursday, 14 September 2006

Mae tri cyw merch ac un cyw bachgen gyda ni!

Bridget came round yesterday and sexed the chicks for us (and taught me what to look for, so hopefully I will be able to figure it out for myself next time!)

This one is a girl:

And the one on the left here is a girl and the one on the right is a boy:

There is a third chick in the run with these two -- who is also a girl -- but they refused to all be in the same photo so eventually I gave up!

In other news, we have been digging new beds for the strawberries which have become a bit overgrown.

I have picked the two apples off the tree, and will do something tasty with them (and some other apples I have sitting around) tomorrow...

This cat has been seen around here more and more lately. Can't figure out who it belongs to, but Shiva (far right of photo) has been very actively defending the house...

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