Sunday, 26 November 2006

Diolchgarwch yng Nghymru

We had our Thanksgiving dinner here in Wales yesterday and if I am allowed to say so (being the cook) it was delicious! And I enjoyed leftover stuffing and pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning too... :)

In other news, we've had a more detailed look at Big Boy this morning and I think he has scaly leg. My books list numerous possible treatments -- paraffin, eucalyptus oil, linseed oil, surgical spirits -- but we are going to try petroleum jelly, because it's the only one I happen to have in the house! Does anybody have any tips for something they've used that has worked well for them in the past?

I've seen a little black kitten around a few times over the last few weeks -- and yesterday we spotted it in the backyard with a big black cat. No idea who it/they belong to...

I'll leave you with these two photos I took this morning of the dramatic sunrise. Sunrise today was officially at 7:50, but the sun doesn't come over the mountain until well after 9 am...

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