Tuesday, 7 November 2006


The carrots have now all been harvested and stored for the winter.

Snug as a bug in their sandy bed!

We grew two different kinds of carrots this year. The chunky orange ones did very well; the long red ones were less successful, but I think the colour of them is so pretty.

Sunday was the full moon -- we have had sort of clear nights for the last week and it's been very bright. I keep trying to take pictures of how beautiful the moon looks but this camera won't let me! This is my best attempt:

And last but not least, a query: The container with the eggs and the waterglass is now full, and the waterglass has gradually become cloudy to the point where it now looks like milk. Is this normal? Does anybody out there know???


Have had an email from Cyndy to say that she's found one source that says the milkiness is bad, and another one to say that this is what it should be doing! Anybody want to find more info and tip the balance one way or the other?

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