Wednesday, 19 March 2008


So we have been watching this ewe (the one in the foreground of the photo above) since I spotted her udder on Friday. Last night, when I checked the sheep at about 6:30 pm, she was making herself a little nest and wouldn't move from that spot even when the other ewes ran away from me, so I figured she would lamb this morning.

I went up this morning -- and, as you can see, there are two lambs! Now the other ewe in the photo is one of the original lambs that came from Lyn who accidentally had a lamb of her own last year. There is absolutely no way that she was anywhere near a ram this year, so is it possible that she is just helping out the other ewe with her twins??? I am so confused!


cyndy said...


I am so enjoying watching your flock grow! Congratulations!

pauline said...

mazel tov!

jim said...

Yay, the lambs are here. So cute.