Monday, 18 August 2014


I have a bad habit at work of leaning on my left elbow while I am doing stuff with the mouse in my right hand, and consequently I've now managed to destroy the elbows (left only!) of several perfectly good jumpers...  I couldn't bear to get rid of this one as it is cashmere and SO soft and yummy...

So, presto...  Wrist warmers!

(I have made a matching pair, but need one hand to hold the camera with...

The question is now, the rest of the jumper -- I was going to make a matching hat, but then I thought I could just turn it into a short-sleeved jumper -- but it is cashmere and has a polo neck -- and if it's warm enough to wear short sleeves, do I want to wear a cashmere polo neck jumper???  Any thoughts?

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