Friday, 3 March 2006

Dim Dwr Eto...

So this morning, yet again, the water is frozen. Two things I don't understand:

1. There was a cold snap a while ago where it was colder than this for a longer period and the water never froze, so why is it freezing now?

2. Doesn't the hot water tank hold a quantity of water? I understand that the cold water which only has a very small header tank inside the house freezes because it's basically coming straight from outside, but shouldn't I have a bathtub full of hot water? Or is there something in the tank that prevents the water dropping below a certain level, so if there isn't fresh cold water coming it, it won't let me take the hot water out?

All answers and suggestions gratefully accepted...


Anonymous said...


It Mark here, from Penrhiw Farm, Garnant.

Being a plumber\builder I can answer your question about the hot water.

You are correct in thinking that in order to get hot water you need cold water to flow into the hot tank.

The greater the pressure (head of water) that flows into the tank the greater the flow of hot water out of the hot tank.

I hope this helps.


Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Thanks for that Mark! I had actually already learned that the other day as part of the process of draining the central heating system... :)

How are things going over your way?