Tuesday, 25 April 2006

New hens (and other things)

Right, we'll start with the other things first... We have been building a greenhouse:

We've actually got rather further than this -- all the glass is in now -- but it is raining today, so I'm not too motivated to go outside to take a picture of the glass now -- but more photos of it in a more completed state will follow by early next week...

We planted some rhubarb -- one of these plants we found growing in the back garden here, and we've transplanted it to give it more space -- and the other four are from Greg's parents' garden, from a rhubarb plant that originally belonged to Greg's GRANDPARENTS -- so this is HISTORIC rhubarb!

Three of the apple trees we bought some time ago are now in the ground and I hope to get the other three in by the end of the week.

And, the photos you've all been waiting for -- the new hens! A friend of a friend of mine was concerned about bird flu and decided that she wanted to get rid of her hens so rather than having them slaughtered unnecessarily, I brought them here and we are now averaging something like 10 eggs a day! Please buy some!!! :) They are Black Rock x Leghorns and are MUCH smaller then the Light Sussex hens... I apologise for the sheer number of photos here -- I have edited, believe me!

And of course there are the eggs -- the eggs from the new hens are much darker than the eggs from the old hens...


acechick said...

I see I'll have to come over and make pancakes.

How many have you now?

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

How many eggs or how many hens? 12 hens, and I think there are about 30 eggs in the fridge now... :)

cyndy said...

you can never have too many...chickens/eggs or photos!
Everything looks great...i love the greenhouse~