Thursday, 6 April 2006


Which one of these eggs is not like the others?

We had a particularly odd egg last night -- I went out to put the chickens to bed and one of the hens came out into the run and when she turned around it looked like she had an egg stuck to her bottom. I thought this was odd as I've seen them lay eggs before and pretty much they just fall straight out. So I bent down to have a closer look and then it fell out -- and it was two soft-shelled eggs sort of connected together with a little tube -- like Siamese eggs or something! One half broke when it fell which is the bit that looks rather like a deflated balloon here:

But both halves had yolks in, so it was two fully formed eggs somehow stuck together! Poor hen!

One of the other students in my Welsh class has ducks and we traded half a dozen of my hen eggs for his duck eggs -- they are delicious but VERY rich -- I wouldn't want to eat them every day!

I also made mayonnaise today -- with hen eggs -- and British rapeseed oil -- what a lovely colour -- so much better than Miracle Whip! Yummy!

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