Saturday, 6 May 2006


This is how I know it is finally spring -- lots of flowers!

These are Spanish Bluebells, which are pretty, but bad, according to Martha, "Despite their name, Spanish Bluebells can be found throughout Europe. British gardeners regard them warily, however, because the plants endanger native English Bluebells through interbreeding." So maybe I should take them out?

Thanks to Janet for identifying these as cowslips. Apparently the pink ones are a naturally occurring hybrid.

UPDATE: Apparently, they are not cowslips -- rather they are lungwort. Thanks to David & Angela for putting me straight... :)

The cherry trees are in blossom now as well. Last year, we had cherries, and I stood in the field and ate about three -- they were delicious -- and then I planned to pick the rest of them the following day. When I went out the next day with my ladder they were all gone -- the birds had them. So this year, as soon as they are ready, they are mine!

The miracle Clematis is flowering now...

And taking over the house!

And the blueberry plants that Greg's parents bought us last year are flowering, so hopefully this means we will have some blueberries! Yummy!

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