Thursday, 4 May 2006

Mae fy ieir wedi mynd!

So the big news today is this: I was working in the yard and this car pulls up and the couple in it get out and they are looking for somebody I don't know to buy Black Rock hens from! Well, I couldn't give them directions unfortunately, but the thing about these hens we took in -- we now have WAY too many eggs, the hen house is getting a bit cramped, and I don't plan to breed from them -- so I thought, they want to buy them, why not sell them? So I did, and my hens are now off to a new life in Gwynfe. It does look oddly empty looking up the field now, but I think we will all be happier for it...

In other news: We have finally finished building the greenhouse! Yay! Now we just need to sort out the drainage around it so the water goes somewhere convenient when it rains. My favourite bit of the greenhouse is the automatic vents -- they automatically open and close the windows to maintain the temperature inside!

We finished planting the apple trees -- or, the ones we're going to plant this year that is -- there will be more in future!

And I have continued to cook lots of things involving eggs! Cauliflower Cheese Pie (this is REALLY yummy -- I am going to have some leftovers of it as soon as I finish this post):

And egg fried rice (also very yummy and easy to make!):

My father has commented that my photos have got boring recently so will try to take more interesting photos in future...


muser said...

I think I may need your egg fried rice recipe. :)

I LOVE your greenhouse. I am envious.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

The egg fried rice is from Joy of Cooking which is SUCH an immensly useful book. When my Dad & Stepmom bought it for me for my 24th birthday (10 years ago!!!) I thought half the stuff in it I would never make but now that I am out here I have discovered that it has all sorts of useful information about preserving foods, etc. It really is a modern day version of Mrs Beeton. Anyhow, here is the recipie:

Heat in a heavy skillet 1/4 c vegetable oil. Toss in it 3 c Boiled Rice until hot and golden. Add 4 minced scallions, 3/4 t salt, 1/2 c julienned cooked roast pork or ham or 1 c diced cooked shrimp. When these ingredients are well mixed, hollow a centre in the rice. Break 3 eggs into the hollow and scramble until semicooked, then stir into the rice mixture. Sprinkle with 1 1/2 T soy sauce.