Sunday, 11 March 2007


I think that spring is finally here now! Things are starting to happen... The shed is coming along slowly:

The sheep are well -- hopefully we will start seeing some lambs next week!

The pond is full of mating frogs, frog spawn, and baby tadpoles -- so cute!

Flowers are starting to bloom, so there is colour in the landscape again...

The lettuce are now ready to eat -- in fact, I have eaten some since I took this photo and it is so nice to have fresh greens again -- I am really sick of parsnips! :)

The rhubarb is coming along nicely:

The rose that I dug up from the old shed has put on a TON of new growth so I think I should have no problem getting it to grow over the new shed once we've finished building it.

Big Boy is improving nicely -- the other day I took him outside and let him stand in the sun for a while.

I have started transplanting the cauliflowers to the raised bed outside:

And the hens are now giving us an average of about chwe wy (six eggs) a day - yum!

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Anonymous said...

Your "dog-Rose" is Mozart,a prolific climber,we had it all over a trellis in the '50's. My comment went onto your previous post,sorry. S.J.S.