Sunday, 27 May 2007


Right, we had the camera back for a few days, so I took lots of pictures of what's been happening... Firstly, the shed -- we've put the roof up, so it looks quite like a little house now!

Lots of things are growing -- the strawberries in the greenhouse are ripening and I've got enough for a bowlful every few days.

The tomatoes are starting to flower:

The blackcurrants are fruiting:

As are the gooseberries:

We have planted out our runner beans:

And here are the ducks, back in their little run where I know they are safe at night... We are currently clearing an area up by the pond where we can put up an electric fence so they will be safe and have access to fresh water at all times -- but until that is ready, I don't want to risk them going walkies again!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The shed is huge!


cyndy said...

Everything looks great (esp. glad to see the ducks!)