Thursday, 31 May 2007

Oen Pedwerydd!

So I am walking up the field this morning counting the sheep as I go, and if they're lying down, it's hard to see them until you're right on top of them because they hide behind the tall reeds, so as I get closer, they stand up -- and suddenly I realise I've counted 10 sheep. So I recount, and what do you know, there are now four lambs! Of course, the daddy of this one is also last year's ram lamb, so it (haven't checked its gender yet) will be for the freezer, but both mother and lamb seem to be well. The lamb is small but running about vigorously already!

For a few weeks now people have been asking if I think either of the two remaining ewes were with lamb and I said that I thought they weren't but I have now been proved wrong! I am not making any predictions about the last ewe, so don't even ask!

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Moonroot said...

Congratulations on your surprise addition!