Thursday, 12 July 2007


Things are sort of growing -- but the weather is just so miserable that it's hard to feel like summer... These tomatoes need some sun to ripen.

The basil is coming along nicely and tastes summery.

We do have fruit, but again, I would be so much happier if we had the weather to go along with it.

These made a lovely gooseberry crumble -- I meant to photograph the finished crumble as well, but it got eaten before I remembered!

The birds are winning the war to eat the raspberries... :(

But we have now netted one of the strawberry beds, so we won't be sharing those!


cyndy said...

Those gooseberries sure look yummy!
Great photo!

Moonroot said...

We're having a terrible year, veggie wise - everything seems to have stopped growing because of the miserable weather (everything except the weeds that is!), and now the potatoes are succumbing to blight. Even the garlic has given up and keeled over without bothering to develop into separate cloves. Thank heaven for the soft fruit which seems to be the only thing thriving.