Monday, 8 September 2014

Afalau a glanhau

In apple news, we made a quantity of apple brandy at the weekend, so now we only need to wait 8 weeks to taste the fruits of our labours!

It's pretty simple to make -- brandy, sugar, apples, and cinnamon -- and then agitate at intervals...  Am a bit sad though as I used up the last of my cinnamon stash from what Dorothy and Jim brought back years ago.  Spices really do keep forever if you don't grind them until you're about to use them...  Will have to find some more cinnamon now...  Anybody out there reading this in Sri Lanka?

In the news recently has been all this nonsense about not being able to buy higher powered vacuum cleaners now.  The EU (as usual) has focused their legislation in the wrong place.  What they need to be doing is banning inefficient cleaners of any power.  Personally I recommend the Dyson -- not only does it use less power and have more suction -- it's endlessly repairable (she says with sore fingertips after stretching that belt around the beater bar with the help of a couple of screwdrivers because of not having the proper tool...!)

The weather is continuing warm and largely sunny, but first thing in the morning it can be quite chilly and misty -- my ears nearly fell off this morning!

And to close with, some happy peppers, from my organic veg box!  :)

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