Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dydd Mawrth

We've unexpectedly had a bit of Indian summer.  Of course, now that the days are getting shorter, that means I can't hang laundry out when I come home from work and have it be dry before bed, so need to do it before I leave in the morning when the sun's just coming up...  Benefits to line drying laundry outside in addition to saving money and electricity/gas are that the sunlight sterilises your laundry and that it smells yummy!  (Here's where the internet fails because I'd now like to put a link to the scent of my sheets...!)

Thinned Dave's carrots this evening in an attempt to evade the carrot fly...

And I also got to use my new water butt for the first time -- since I've put it in, it's rained nearly every day!  This company has deals with most water companies around the UK and they offer cheaper deals on water butts than anybody else I could find.  Not the easiest to install (or, rather, not as easy as they would have you believe...) but if you get stuck just ask as I'm now the expert!  So all the water coming off my big massive slope-y roof is now mine for free!

Final question before off to bed -- how do you know when rechargeable batteries have reached the end of their life?  This is not a quiz question -- I actually am looking for an answer!

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