Saturday, 13 January 2007


Lots of animal related happenings and news in the last 48 hours or so...

This is next door's cat -- in fact, they have three identical black kittens -- and this one actually came into our porch on Thursday night!

The rat traps that we have had out for some time now have finally come to fruition - Friday morning there was a rat. It is now dead. Now we have to wait and see if there are more...

Bridget the ever helpful was getting rid of some spare cockerels and she asked if we wanted them for the pot. So Friday morning I went round with my friend Tony from London who was visiting and we killed and plucked 10 bantam cockerels -- they will be like poussin because they are so small!

The thing that amazes me is how different each one is -- look at all the different flesh colours:

And this is the ever lovely Special K -- grooming my hair for me!

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spinner gal said...

You have been busy!

Those are some nice looking birds for your freezer. It is amazing that they turn so many different colors. I hope to add some more meat birds to my flock come spring so I can put some in my freezer.

Hows your roo doing with the leg problem?