Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Yn y tŷ gwydr

Started off the new year in the greenhouse, helping things grow...

The rose that I dug up from around the old shed is in bud, both the big root bit, and the little twiggy cuttings:

From all the rosemary that I sowed over the summer, this is all that's still alive. Have re-potted it with a liberal addition of sand.

It was also time to transplant the little cauliflowers I started into slightly bigger pots. These will go outside in the early spring and hopefully be ready to eat in early summer.

I also transplanted/thinned the lettuces -- only one of the two varieties of lettuce has sprouted. The May King never did anything at all, so I am going to try to germinate some of those seeds on a paper towel to see if there is maybe something wrong with them.

The chickens actually came down to the gate today for the first time in over a month -- it is so nice to see them down there!

AND, they are STILL laying! This is the first egg of the New Year. Last year, we didn't have any eggs at all for about two months, but now we are getting about five a week.

On a completely different note, I want to talk about the Post Office now:

There has been a lot in the news recently about rural post offices shutting and there was an article in the Telegraph about things you can do to support your local post office. I try to use the post office in Cwmdu as much as I can for sending parcels and whatnot, but I never realised how good the post office savings accounts are! We have moved our money from where it was with ING into the post office as, believe it or not, the post office is offering a significantly better interest rate. Check it out -- and support your local post office!


Cyndy said...

Happy New Year Jessica!

Your greenhouse efforts look wonderful! I can almost smell the growing things inside...the califlower looks fantastic...and I am drooling over the fresh lettuce...in another month, I can start. I am tempted to start now, the weather is so warm, but I don't know how long it will last.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

I don't know that it particularly smells of anything in the greenhouse really...

How warm is it where you are? It is unseasonably warm here as well and we are concerned about things like the rhubarb which has not received the amount of cold and frost it needs... :(