Friday, 10 February 2006

Water Update

It's back. I was in town buying water and Greg was here at the house and heard a wooshing noise -- the toilet tanks refilling! So I guess the water was frozen, and then it just defrosted. I mean, it was cold this morning, but I think we've had other mornings that were just as cold, or colder, with no problems, so... But anyways, we are not going to die of dehydration today...! :)


Bethro said...

Hi, you responded to my question about the gloves on the knitty coffeeshop and I thought this was an easier way to follow up.

Here's what I did, I think you might be saying something different. First, I did the YO, then knit it with the next stitch (as in the next stitch I was going to knit) right away (after I turned). That made holes. Then I tried knitting the YO together with the stitch on the right needle, and that helps a little, but still gives me a hole. Are you saying:
knit the stitch after the yarn over
then knit the yo with the next stitch when you get back to it again?

Sorry to leave such a long comment :)

Bethro said...

ps-your blog is great. One of my aspirations is to leave the city so I can raise sheep for wool. Right now, I'd settle for a place to grow veggies.

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

Sorry for the delay in responding -- I have been in bed with flu! Anyhow, yes, I am saying knit the yo with the next stitch when you get back to it again. Let me know if you have problems with that, but that's the way I did it, and no holes...

Re veggies: In San Francisco, I would have though there would be a community garden somewhere you could get involved with?