Saturday, 9 February 2008


Now that eggs are no longer the rarity they have been of late (if I recall correctly, I think we had three today?), Greg treated us this evening with Yorkshire puddings AND pancakes filled with home-made apple sauce and real maple syrup that his parents brought back from Canada...

We went over to Llandysul this morning and looked into me getting a bicycle... Watch this space for further details. Or should I just say, watch the Talley Road!

To get there, we drove across Mynydd Llanllwni:

Bart's peacock came to visit us again today as well -- I think the chickens and the ducks were a bit confused...

And last but not least, I saw my first daffodils of the season in bloom today! Not ours I'm afraid, all the way over in Felindre -- perhaps it is warmer there?

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June said...

Speaking as a girl from Yorkshire - those yorkshire puddings are impressive! Well done Greg!