Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Went to Carmarthen today to take the camera in for repair. Managed to take a few photos before dropping the camera off, but after this, no more photos until Greg comes home at the weekend with his posh mobile phone...

Had planned to take the bus to Carmarthen today, but various things happened and I ended up sitting in traffic -- I know Carmarthen has only got a population of 13,000 people, but it was like driving in New York again!

You can't really see that well in this photo, but this morning when I went out to feed the duckies I saw that Dewi had what looks like a bloody nose -- is this possible? After a while, he got fed up with me photographing him and jumped in the pond and as soon as his head went underwater, the blood was gone, and he's been fine the rest of the day. Anybody have any ideas? Bridget?

Today was another five egg day -- they are so bright and sunshiny-yellow!

I think this little one might need to go in the freezer soon as it looks like his horns are starting to grow into his head...

Spotted these little ones on the way to Carmarthen -- can't wait until we have our own little lambs!

Off to eat my lamb's heart leftovers...

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