Friday, 22 February 2008

Does dim alergeddau gyda fi...

Back from Swansea for the last time and the results are that...I am not allergic to anything. On one level I suppose this is good news (if true) but it is also bad news in that we have no idea what caused my face to explode back in September... I have had a long bath and feel much better now!

Angela bought me an early birthday present -- Poultry Keeping To-Day: Pictured and Explained by Walter Brett F.R.H.S. -- of course, as with all chicken books, the first thing I do is turn to the page where they tell you how to kill chickens -- and there are three feathers stuck to this page -- so way back in 1944, the previous owner of this book was standing there with the book in one hand and a chicken in the other, trying to figure out what to do... How do I know this? Because it's exactly what we did the first time round!

Six eggs today -- I am going to start putting eggs in waterglass tomorrow.

There's only one week of my month of daily blogging to go -- I've put a little poll for the future up there in the right hand corner -- please have a look and vote -- AND BE HONEST! I will not be offended if you all decide that what I write is a waste of space... However, I do reserve the right to do whatever I want in the future regardless of the results of the poll... :)

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Malc said...

I voted for you to blog every day, but don't let me or anyone else put pressure on you.

It's your blog and you should post when you feel like it, no matter how interesting you think we'll find it. It really is up to you.