Monday, 11 February 2008

Hwn a hon

Now that the roof is done, I tried to get various bits and pieces organised so that we can finish off the last remaining tasks on the shed. One thing that has been lurking for some time is this borax-based wood preservative. The doors are going to be made from untreated wood (unlike the rest of the shed which has been tanalised at the sawmill) and thus they need to be treated before being stained. I bought this ages ago and when it turned up and I saw that it was red I kind of freaked out but the woman from the shop who sold it to me said it wouldn't look red when it was on the wood -- and she was right!

Wood before:

And wood after (I imagine it will look a bit less shiny when fully dry):

Two good eggs today, plus this soft shelled egg -- is this the pullet hen's first egg?

Got a refill for the LPG for the cooker (I did warn you that if I blogged every day it would get boring):

My friend Angela gave me a jar of the marmalade she made yesterday -- and it does look like a jewel when the light is shining through it just so...

Bart dropped by with another pheasant:

And I will leave you with these last two photos that I took at sunset today while putting the chickens to bed:

My camera has been playing up again and I will shortly need to take it to the shop to be re-repaired -- so this blog will shortly be text only, and then my life will be even more boring -- so if there is anything you want to see a photo of before the camera goes away, ask now!

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Malc said...

Don't leave it next to the Ribena, whatever you do.

And that does look like a first attempt at an egg. We had similar a month ago - the other hens got there first and ate it.